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Default Re: cpu Cooling solutions...what do you use?

Just tried an experiment to see what adding a side case fan would do. I removed the side cover on the pc and replaced it with a piece of cardboard then duct taped it to the case (yea it looks ghetto as all hell but so what, I'm sure the wife will have something real clever to say when she sees it tomorrow morning ). I then cut a hole in it and mounted an 80mm fan I had laying around (used to be the rear exhaust fan that came with the case originally but I replaced it with a much higher flow fan) to suck air into the case. I placed it a little to the right of the cpu and a little below it since the Black Knight will be sticking out and I don't want the fan in the way.
Anyways it seems to have lowered the idle and load temps about 3-4C. Every little bit helps.

I also have been running with the pci slot cover off the back slot below the video card thinking it may help it get some more air. It has been running at 42C at idle. I then put the slot cover back on so all pci slots are not open at the back now and now the vid card is idling at 40C.
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