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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by Protoplasym View Post
There are a couple major reasons why I agree with you:

1. Console Games charge $10 more for a game at time of release and their resale value stays unnaturally high for a long time.
2. Devs/Pubs can spend less money making a game, because Consolers are used to sloppy performance and not having options.
3. The main reason is Hardware related... obviously... because the Devs only have to program a game to run with basic Framerate requirements on 2 machines (P3 & 360), their 'testing period' is cheaper/more hassle free in the long run.

Put all of that together and what you get is a business model that makes more money than the PC model.... 'and' taboot, you can dictate 'all' you want to your customers because they have ZERO choices when it comes to hardware, i.e. configuration of their "gaming machines".

It's Tyrannical Gaming and nothing more, and as long as the Public continues to buy into it's BS, the worse it's going to become for PC Gaming and the worse Gaming is going to be as a whole in the long run.....

PS3 is the worst platform for developing games, and the most expensive.

KZ2 costed about $60 million. It's PS3 major title with poor sales, about million so far. I think it would had better sales on PC!
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