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Default Re: Duke Nukem Court Battle Getting Nasty

Originally Posted by autobot View Post
I would be pissed too if I payed a company $400,000 dollars to produce a game in '97 and to this day still has NOT sen any return whatsoever. I think after 4 years, game publishers should just cut their ties if the game developer doesn't provide any proof that there are any milestones being met. Whats stupid is that in 2008 they gave them another $2.5 MILLION dollars after waiting 11 years with no product! While it is lame that they gave them the extra money, I think that they should have all rights to DNF. 3DR screwed them over BLATANTLY and should pay the price for their foolishness.
Who gives a crap about the publisher? Wont someone PLEASE think of the fans?!..meh, I dont care, the whole thing is a joke
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