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Default Re: Ghostbuster PC vs. Console

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
You know well what I mean, Pc gamers and heck even console fanboys often bitch about this or that. If I was a dev I would said look here I give you the finger you POS

Okey fair enough I bitch a lot to, I guess its in peoples nature, as we are never satisfied. we allways want more and more.
I dont think its wanting more, rather the fact that pcs could be come a very elitist thing very quickly (not a good thing). COOP is an excellent feature that has been growing into its own. By its nature, the console does it better, and I think that PC gamers want to try and limit developers going to consoles.

Consoles are the easy route, and if PC gamers just sit back relaxed, then the developers will go the easy route.

PC gamers need to support console piracy lol.
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