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Default Re: Ghostbuster PC vs. Console

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
So the game is crap couse it wont have multi.
Bla bla bla STFUK as not every games needs it dumbasses.

The game seems perfectly fine and looks ace. what more do you craybabies needs.
Bitch and bitch some more, cant you Pc Eletists ever be happy.
I don't know if your serious but I kinda(?) agree... There is no reason why the PC version should lack online play. I wanted to get the PC version but with lack of any online play im going the PS3 route which looks to be the lower of the three (according to those pics its alot worse then the X360). Atleast I will get to play online... I am gonna wait till I can get a decent deal on the game now though. No longer day 1 purchase for me.
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