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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by rudedog View Post
Hmmmmm, I have a vision.

When MS is ready to launch Windows 7 and Direct X 11 we'll see them all of a sudden praise the PC gaming customer and want us to upgrade. They will show us how much better it is and how many devs are working on DX11 titles.

God I wish OpenGL took the lead instead of DX

Because of the lack of interest MS has shown the PC gaming customer, I've voted with my wallet and have moved my boxes and the families laptops over to Apple. I have one box left and that is for playing video games. I run XP and will not be updating it to Vista or Win7. I will also not be upgrading to the latest video card or CPU (which I've done with every top end nV card, released as well as intel CPU and intel/nV based MBs) so while in the long run the hardware vendors hurt as well as MS.

I've save a ton of $$ and feel better for it in the long run.
Lol.... "ain't it barely"

I'm praying that Win7 is going to emulate XP32 to a 't'... if Microsoft gets that right, I'll be saved!
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