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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by BioHazZarD View Post
Of course it will come, they said the same thing on the first one, it would take years for hardware to mature to even think to port it to pc and shortly after it was released.. they talk too much bs.
I wonder why they'd ever blow smoke up the PC Gamers' ass in regards to what's capable on the PC hardware wise.... That was what... '06 when the port dropped?... I'm not sure when the original game came out.

Imo: the U3 Engine is only marginaly ahead of the Source and IDTech 4 engines.
It's what an engine can do to ones mind overall that makes the biggest impression I think... and considering the U3 Engine doesn't utilize FOUR bloody CPUs, there are ZERO excuses for Epic to make such comments, "the PC not being ready"....

An 88 and a Quad should be able to tackle anything DX9wise in 1280x1024 w/4xAA&V-Sync... I don't see any viable excuses. I'm not a programmer, but from playing/testing experience... I'm taking that stance.
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