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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
PS3 is the worst platform for developing games, and the most expensive.

KZ2 costed about $60 million. It's PS3 major title with poor sales, about million so far. I think it would had better sales on PC!
I wish they'd port both 1 & 2 over (make damn sure V-Sync works mind you, AA would be a plus), sell them in one box for $49.99 and I'd buy it first level retail... but noooooo, "PC Gamers are thieves"..... Hell, sell 'em seperately for $39.99/ea, and I'd buy both of them still. *edit* I lie.... I'd wait to see them on Ebay for half that, lol.

Game looks fun as hell, HUGE linear railride, but solid/gorgeous/fun nonetheless.
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