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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by Protoplasym View Post
I'd read that the Port received some 'extra' content in the form of a couple weapons and maps...? Was that the case? Again, I've only tested it for 15 mins so I wouldn't know.

F.E.A.R. 2 comes to mind as another game that the PC has exclusive content from what I'd read... supposedly that Mech level is only in the PC version...?.....

I love it when the PC gets TLC over the Consoles... it should always be that way... but since the sales don't show these Pubs/Devs the proper amount of love most of the time, I would imagine that's why these kinds of extra effort seldom occur.
Yea, the PC port got a few extra campaign chapters, "new" MP gametype (aka King of the Hill, which is far from new), and three extra MP maps I believe.

Here's the stuff they added:

They expected reviewers to go crazy over it, but it's still a port.

I bet wittle cwiffy is still mad about that.

Anyone think Crysis would have done as well as it did if it were ported to PC from consoles first? I don't think so.
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