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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yea, the PC port got a few extra campaign chapters, "new" MP gametype (aka King of the Hill, which is far from new), and three extra MP maps I believe.

Here's the stuff they added:

They expected reviewers to go crazy over it, but it's still a port.

I bet wittle cwiffy is still mad about that.

Anyone think Crysis would have done as well as it did if it were ported to PC from consoles first? I don't think so.
I only play SP, so the extra SP Content is welcome.

From the small amount of playing I did, it felt like a solid game/port to me. Forcing 4xAA through the Drivers works thank God and it runs great.

Need to get this Jan09 (all your base belong to us) bug patched though, so I can actually play the bloody thing! ha
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