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Default Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by Protoplasym View Post
I only play SP, so the extra SP Content is welcome.

From the small amount of playing I did, it felt like a solid game/port to me. Forcing 4xAA through the Drivers works thank God and it runs great.

Need to get this Jan09 (all your base belong to us) bug patched though, so I can actually play the bloody thing! ha
Yea I own the PC version and the 360 version. PC version is clean, but GOW launched in 2006 and won a lot of awards on 360 that year. Epic expected GOW PC to win a bunch of awards as well because they added some extra content, then Cliffy cried when he didn't.

Also, if you remember when the GOW PC version first launched, it was tremendously buggy and had a lot of problems running on different machines. If you want to see a flawless port, check out DMC4.

And to bypass the Jan09 bug, just change your calendar to a date before the expiration date and you can play just fine lol.
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