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Post Re: GoW2 coming to PC afterall?

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yea I own the PC version and the 360 version. PC version is clean, but GOW launched in 2006 and won a lot of awards on 360 that year. Epic expected GOW PC to win a bunch of awards as well because they added some extra content, then Cliffy cried when he didn't.

Also, if you remember when the GOW PC version first launched, it was tremendously buggy and had a lot of problems running on different machines. If you want to see a flawless port, check out DMC4.

And to bypass the Jan09 bug, just change your calendar to a date before the expiration date and you can play just fine lol.
I'd read that was possible, lol.... only thing is... I wonder if my machine having an 'incorrect' date would be an issue when installing a game that has to authenticate with some Pubs server...?... I wonder..

Guys, I hear you on the game being buggy when it first came out, but seriously.... has the situation been different for the majority of PC Games the last decade? Seriously....

Half the time, I expect a game to run subpar until I've patched it.... everytime I've installed a game (out of my 280), as soon as it's done, I jump into the menu, set everything up graphics/keys, load the engine once... get out after running around for a minute or two... then patch.... 'then' test it for 15-30 mins.

For example: Serious Sam II ran like garb'a'ge until I patched it... and I was at home (no net) when I installed it, didn't have the patch with me on a flash... and it was giving me around 10-15 fps kid you not... I was appalled and very worried.

As soon as I brought the patch home the next day, installed it... voila - ran like butta.

Fallout3 was the 'last' game I'll ever buy at first level retail for $49.99. I 'might' take that back for ID and Blizzards' work though because I'd really like to support them, 'and' I have faith that they know what they're doing/will have done sufficient Beta testing on multiple configs/etc.

But I'm done trusting all other Publishers, and I have none other than Bethesda to blame for that. I'd read that ESIII & IV both suffered greatly from a multitude of issues when they first dropped, so I wasn't surprised to learn that when reading up on why FO3 was performing so poorly on my machine. When I'd learned that Bethesda didn't do 'any' testing on Nvidia hardware on any drivers previous to the 174.xxxs, I decided that was it.

The thing I don't understand is how companies (both Devs/Pubs) expect a gamer to buy at first level retail full price for something they 'almost' surely know isn't going to run 100% for at least another 6-12 months until further patches are created.... (obviously there are some exceptions to these accustomed expectations, but still... the negative stereotype isn't going anywhere anytime fast) and act surprised when their game doesn't sell well.

The irony is that they do the same thing with Console work just the same - except Console Gamers expect/don't mind this shoddy work, and thus support it 100%. Dunno though, it seems as if the Pirating of Console Gaming is going to equal PC Gaming Piracy in the coming years.
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