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Default Re: cpu Cooling solutions...what do you use?

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
Why do people choose the Dark Knight when its not as good as the original?
I had no idea it wasn't as good as the original. Where did you read that from?
I chose it because it comes with the mount to screw it on instead of using the push pins. The original doesn't come with that mount and if you buy the mount seperately it would end up costing a little more than the Black Knight and not look as good so why not go for it? Also the specs on New Egg make the Black Knight look better, see for yourself.

Is this the original you are talking about?
RPM: 800 - 1500 RPM
Air Flow: 56.3 CFM
Noise Level: 20 - 32 dBA

Here is the Black Knight
RPM: 1000 - 2200 RPM
Air Flow: 89.45 CFM (Max.)
Noise Level: 30.1 dBA (Max.)

Maybe Newegg's specs are wrong and the original is better but you asked why it was chosen over the original and that is why.
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