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Default Re: Duke Nukem Court Battle Getting Nasty

Really, it all comes down to the developer, no game should ever take 10 years, unless its the bloody coming of messiah and makes Crysis look like Pong.
However, 5 years is acceptable if you're talking about a developer like Blizzard or Valve, who polish their games out the wazzu, cant really complain.

What should have happend with Duke Forever, when they wanted to do the second engine change, after several years, THATs when things should have been pulled.
I remember reading a history on Half-Life 1, it didnt go through an engine change, but they basically scrapped the game and started again, which was a huge risk for the publisher, but they allowed it and we got HL1, if they hadnt of then we either might have got something mediocore and Valve would not be where they are today, or we never would have gotten HL1 at all.
3DR however, when they decided to change engines once, its not that bad, "do what you need to", but the second time, the publisher shouldnt have allowed it and forced them to finish what they had, it still would have been ok at that point.
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