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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Protoplasym View Post
I never missed that point.... and I understand what NZero is saying: he hopes Doom 4 is developed for the next Generation of Consoles so that the PC version is better for it in the long run.... I received that a couple posts back, guys.

Yeah, Epic has turned into quite a piece of work. One thing I don't understand is why everyone hated on UT3 soooo much... mind you, I waited 6 months to buy it, and I'd heard that before it was patched, everything was, "too small", and that it didn't feel right.

It's felt completely badass from the get go for me. I'm on the UT3patch2 and it rules. It feels better than all previous UT titles (V-Sync introduces zero lag, there's a hair on UT04), the weapons rock, and it looks amazing.
Yeah, I didnt mind UT3, but I honestly thought it was mediocore, it didnt really offer anything interesting while I was playing it, though I did only play the demo, and decided it wasnt worth buying.

"its not until the next gen consoles that we will see better use of PC hardware by them."

I hear what you guys are saying... but I ask you... if you're a true PC Gamer, whyth do you support Publishers that have taken said stance by buying 'any'thing Console related?

I mean, we as gamers aren't 'starving' for Games, so why give in to absolute mediocrity, zero options, and poor performance overall? We don't need a savior in Gaming, we simply need support for the hardware that's already available.

Whotf is going to enjoy Rage and Doom 4 on a 360 or P3... with a gamepad, lol... and subpar looks... I just don't get how the Sheep buy into it.... and imo, 'any' PC Gamer who buys Console is only furthering the demise of what/where the PC should be in terms of Gaming.

It should be leading without question.
You're totally right!
*slaps himself for owning a PS3, xbox360, Wii and PS2*
Though honestly, I hate console FPS/TPS games, and any game thats also on PC, I get the PC version, not the console version, the main reason I own any consoles is for good console exclusives.
IMO though, its not console sales that cause developers to jump ship, its software sales, otherwise most devs would still be on PC considering theres way more game capable PCs then consoles.
Regardless, any FPS belongs on PC, console fanboys that like Halo can diaf, and by the sound of Doom 4, ill definently be picking up a copy(for PC)
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