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Default Re: Howto use ffmpeg libavcodec with VDPAU

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
I do not think the reasons matter much, I just wonder why, first, MythTV does not use FFmpeg svn and, later, I have to explain why I committed things one way or the other.
I'm guessing the work involved in updating the very old copy of ffmpeg to an updated one was far more important that using the original nvidia patch which applied almost cleanly on the ffmpeg being used.

I have updated ffmpeg used by mythtv on my private copy, there are a lot of changes required within the myth code to make it work.
I'm almost done.

There are things not working properly yet, and I have no ideas why.
Some h264 plays at twice the speed they should (with vdpau or not)
VC1 files do not play with vdpau, no idea why. The procedure is exactly the same for mpeg2, mpeg1 and h264 which work fine.
I have one DVB-T channel (1080i mpeg2) that do not play nice anymore .. lots of stuttering

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