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Default Re: Howto use ffmpeg libavcodec with VDPAU

Originally Posted by cehoyos View Post
You did
Well, I sincerely apologise...

The respective line of code has never changed in FFmpeg svn and this argument is not affected by the copyright notice on top of the file (although after having seen the xine-vdpau source I agree it would have been better to add copyright statements at least to vo_vdpau.c).
I was more confused with the discrepancies between the various decoders. Some expect the buffer to be in data[2] ; some other in data[0]. Would have been nice if it was the same across the board

I have found out why VC1 playback doesn't work with mythtv...
The reason is in: vc1_decode_init with the use of context->get_format

For VDPAU, the vc1-vdpau decoder the default ffmpeg get_format returns PIX_FMT_NONE ; and later this choke during the initialisation with
[vc1_vdpau @ 0x7ffe90e10d60]decoding to PIX_FMT_NONE is not supported.

enum PixelFormat avcodec_default_get_format(struct AVCodecContext *s, const enum PixelFormat *fmt){
while (*fmt != PIX_FMT_NONE && ff_is_hwaccel_pix_fmt(*fmt))
return fmt[0];
I'm not sure I understand the logic here and why PIX_FMT_VDPAU_VC1 isn't acceptable as this is what it later expects.

it's not an issue with mplayer, because it provides its own custom_format callback.

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