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Default Re: please help in overclocking my i7 CPU to 3.5

I'm sure you know, regardless of advice you recieve, you enter into this at your own risk. Having said that, overclocking the i7 has proven to be easier for me than earlier processors even though the theory is the same.

Overclocking the i7 is also dependent on your BIOS and how it's setup, but the straightforward way I did it was:

set turbo to off
set speedstep to off
set Vcore to 1.35v
set DRAM to 1066mhz (you'll want some decent 1600mhz ram as your DRAM frequency will rise as you change your Bclk)
set bclk to 175 (for a 3.5ghz OC)

It should be as simple as that, but like others posted, look around. There are some good tutorials all over the place and most say the same thing.

Here's one that was relevant to me as I got the ASUS P6T Deluxe v2:
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