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Default Re: Ghostbusters Official Feedback Thread

Well, thanks to Nekrosoft13, i'm playing the game in Europe. He bought me the game in Steam, and he sent it to me as a gift. I was not able to buy the game in Europe. Even the Steam browser was not listing the game, but, the Steam store website was listing it. I blame Sony for ruining again another game launch.

Besides that, i played the game a couple of hours yesterday, and it was really funny

FSAA is working (you can rename the exe to ut3.exe like Jackup said, or you can create a profile with 00000041: Unreal Engine 3 in nHancer like i did).

The frame rate was very good in my system. I was running 1920x1200 4xAA 16xAF, VSync On, and i only remember a slighly drop to +50fps in some zones. The CPU usage was very very high in my quad, the usual load was around a 60%, and i remember some zones using the 80% of the quad, so, i guess that the game is a little bounded by the CPU power too.

The game uses no HUD, like in Dead Space. The story is told with some cinematics & with in-game dialogs like in HL2. It seems to continue the GB movies, and it really opens like a new sequel.

I finally can see the hard work that the artists have done in the development of the game. After my personal experience with my BR2 HD texture pack, i can understand all the hard work that the artists have done in this game with the textures and 3D models. I bet that it has been an insane work, and the result has been a game with very rich textures & very detailed characters.

There is no coop mode in the PC version. This is a pitty, yes, no doubt, but, maybe in the future we could see a mod for it. In spite of, the game costed me 24E (30$), and for this price you get a very funny game. I might grab it too for my 360, just to try the coop mode of the game.

Happy ghost hunting
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