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Post Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
A. Yeah, I didnt mind UT3, but I honestly thought it was mediocore, it didnt really offer anything interesting while I was playing it, though I did only play the demo, and decided it wasnt worth buying.

B. You're totally right!
*slaps himself for owning a PS3, xbox360, Wii and PS2*
Though honestly, I hate console FPS/TPS games, and any game thats also on PC, I get the PC version, not the console version, the main reason I own any consoles is for good console exclusives.
IMO though, its not console sales that cause developers to jump ship, its software sales, otherwise most devs would still be on PC considering theres way more game capable PCs then consoles.Regardless, any FPS belongs on PC, console fanboys that like Halo can diaf, and by the sound of Doom 4, ill definently be picking up a copy(for PC)
A. Hmmm, really.... I take it you're not a fan of the UT series as a whole then? I wasn't expecting UT3 to do anything different than UT04 and UT... other than have an improved look, and weapons that looked and behaved slightly different than the previous version. I expected nothing more when UT04 dropped as well.

I'm very satisfied with the latest version... looks amazing, feels absolutely amazing/butta, the maps are sick, the weapons are fun as hell, the introduction of the vehicles on some of the maps was a nice touch = AA works, lol... I give it an A+.

B. I hear ya, believe me... if it wasn't for Sony and Microsoft asking 'way' too much money for their overpriced hardware, I'd have both of those systems with the exclusive 'action/arcade' games... I could never play a shooter on those systems whether 3rd or 1st person.... I'm a mouse man and always will be. Hell, there's probably a lot of games I'd enjoy on those two systems but again, the ridiculous prices for the hardware makes that option out of the question for me. Charging 5x more for a Harddrive insults me more than I can put into words.... same goes for the ****ty video cards those units have.

'BOLD' - I disagree somewhat... I think the 'main' reason Publishers have decided to centralize their efforts towards Console gaming is because of the unified hardware architecture/structure = it's waaaaay easier for Developers to make games for said systems because of the lack of variables (i.e. things that can/will go wrong on a variety of PC Systems), AND also because they are not expected to make a game as solid... because Console Gamers don't expect the same experience as the average PC Gamer does.

They don't expect V-Sync and AA... or completely solid frame rates... hell, they just want to plug a game in, and be able to manipulate blobs on the screen relatively hassle free.

I concur: all FPSs belong on PC... I wish the Publishers for these gorgeous looking Console shooters would get them ported over to PC. I guess they're worried they won't sell well and deem it a waste of money and time... plus... if they're going to port them, they'd have to make sure V-Sync works at a minimum.... and AA too unless they want to be ridiculed (which I spose they don't give a sh*t about anyway, lol, hell... they do it their Console Fan base).

Imo: when brilliant Coding minds like Carmack and whoever the minds are at Blizzard... die and go away... PC Gaming will have lost a lot. Our current generation of thieves and copiers and noncoders are not going to keep up the tradition of what PC Gaming has been in the past (and I'm talking 2000<).... look at the mess the current generation has made of PC Gaming in a matter of only a decade.
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