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Default Re: Video Card Upgrade

If you're really hungry for some extra GPU power the suggestion to go with two 9800Gt in SLI is actually a very good one.

I'm currently running two older 8800GTs in SLI and yes in some cases they can be faster than a single 280. Given the price tag of the current cards you can easily upgrade by adding another card and you've effectively doubled the performance. A lot of the early problems with SLI have been taken care of with the new drivers.

I run my games in 1920X1280 and there is only one game that gives me a little bit of a problem at that res and that's Crysis. Everything else is NO problem at all.

Also the CPU you're running can easily be overclocked but he's right don't use the stock cooler. Get something nicer and get it up to 3.2 and you will see a big difference.
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