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Default Re: Frontlines: Fuel of War

i need a FFOW expert if there is such a thing i had 182.50 installed and it ran the game great, and then a couple days ago i fired the game up and it barely runs! in the menu i'm getting like 10 fps, and if i manage to wait long enough i can join a server but im getting 0.6 fps LOL.

i have tried a few diff drivers and sli settings but it still wont run worth beans! i even deleted it and redownloaded it via steam, but it has made no diff. nothing has changed on my comp since it ran *good* i just cant figure out what could be causing this .... my other UE3 games run good, MOHA, UT3, and hopefully AA3 will also run great when it's released in an hour or so ...

any suggestions are more than welcome.
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