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Default Re: Quad Displays One Desktop Possible w/ Linux?

Originally Posted by ijameni View Post
Sasha, Thanks for all the info. So far I am not making too much progress but I am testing the many combinations of configurations. One things I am noticing now that like you mentioned about the power saving mode and it being good to see that rather than X failing because that just means the screen data is just being shown in coordinates that dont match the screen.

Now as I try the Rightof or +1280 combinations I notice that when I boot for about a second I get the mouse on one of the screens and then it cuts out to black screen without power saving mode.

So now I am just trying more combinations of switching my devices back and for and different coordinats to see if I can get something to show up.

I will keep you updated! Thank you.
You're welcome,
and I wanted to remind us of two things:

1) it's a good idea to get one monitor working first, and make a backup of that configuration; THEN add another, then another, etc..
2) Check your log file regularly for clues, or more importantly, errors and warnings (WW) and (EE)

Good luck, do keep us posted.

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