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Default Re: Ghostbuster PC vs. Console

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No, it has several allies which are controlled by the CPU like games have been for decades now. The idea is that you pretty much control your own destiny and that they are only there to assist in the atmosphere.

I agree that online multiplayer can be fun, but, in my opinion, some of you are more addicted to it than your average crack dealer in a back alleyway and are missing a lot of good games in the process of bypassing titles that may not have it implemented. Not everything needs an online chat room full of 'LoLLZ i OWNd JUUUUuZ n000b'.
yea, I love the little ghey fanbois shouting "RAGE QUIT!!!!"... its not rage quit, it's called having a job and needing to be up in the morning.
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Oh, if the whole world had only one neck for me to squeeze in my hands...
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