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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by musman View Post
Just filled it out last night. I really hope they don't turn FS into an arcade game. Then we are stuck with X-Plan and personally I think X-Plane needs a lot of work.
Agreed - filled in the form, though I doubt it will sway MS unless the response is very large and much in favour of business as usual with the FS franchise. I don't want gimmicks or a load of crap that I and most FS enthusiasts don't want. I also don't want them to lock-out third party devs, as they have been the life blood of FS and keep it interesting.

I think X-Plane could become a good platform, esp. if devs such as orbx turned their attention to it, but I don't see that happening unless MS FS dies a complete least it is there as an alterative.
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