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Default Re: cpu Cooling solutions...what do you use?

Originally Posted by betterdan View Post
The installation was pretty easy. The directions were ok. I ended up putting the fan on wrong at first. The instructions that came with it said they recommend putting it on the 2nd heatsink fin but they didn't say the 2nd one on the top or the bottom (the fan is taller than the heatsink fins so it will either stick up above or below it) I put it on the top 2nd fin and then when I was finished I realized it should be on the 2nd bottom fin so the fan can be flush at the top and hang below the heat fins to blow on other components via the "spoiler"

Another thing is you have to bolt it on your motherboard before you put the fan on which the instructions do have that step first but since I thought I knew it all I skipped that.
If you put the fan on first there is no way to get to the screws underneath to tighten it down.

The little rubber thingies that hold the fan against the heatsink were actually pretty simple and I thought a very cool idea to reduce vibration.

The bad part like I said was that it was too tall for my case but I'll think of something to do.

Oh and I also used Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. The cooler didn't come with any although the instructions implied that they did.
Sounds good, thanks for the quick reply.
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