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Default Re: cpu Cooling solutions...what do you use?

Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
For the case ,How about cutting a hole in the side-panel and adding a flat piece of whatever on stand-offs of some kind.
Yea I could do that. I also was thinking that since the parts that are hitting the side panel are the little nubby ends of the heat pipes as seen on the top here

I could just drill holes in the side where the little nubs could stick through. The hard part would be to drill them in the exact right spot so they could slip through the holes when the side panel is slid on. I could also just cut multiple vent holes in the side there where the nubs are. For now the side panel is on but only slid into the front and sticking out on the back so it's actually not a big rush.
I also bought a 120mm red led fan from Newegg in case I needed to cut the side panel and get more air in to help cool but as of now I really don't need it.
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