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Default Re: VDPAU testing tool

Originally Posted by Stephen Warren View Post
info sharedlibrary
(gdb) info sharedlibrary
From        To          Syms Read   Shared Object Library
0xf7f477f0  0xf7f612af  Yes         /lib/
0xf7f20660  0xf7f20808  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf76630f0  0xf7d32f18  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf7332150  0xf748af78  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf72d9210  0xf72e57a8  Yes         /lib32/
0xf722aa60  0xf72a4ab8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf71c1440  0xf71dc338  Yes         /lib32/
0xf7193330  0xf71b99b8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf7044550  0xf715b3d8  Yes         /lib32/
0xf6f514b0  0xf6fe1118  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6f3aa20  0xf6f3ba68  Yes         /lib32/
0xf6f268b0  0xf6f36398  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6effda0  0xf6f1c418  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6e8bea0  0xf6ee4d78  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6e4dda0  0xf6e78e38  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6e3e5f0  0xf6e430e8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6e28b90  0xf6e37f24  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6e10950  0xf6e1e7f8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6d68940  0xf6dcaed8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6d4e490  0xf6d54178  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6d235d0  0xf6d3d788  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6d11b70  0xf6d1c0b8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6d0a150  0xf6d0b888  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6d018a0  0xf6d059c8  Yes         /lib32/
0xf6ceda80  0xf6cfc278  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6c9ec00  0xf6cdb9d8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6c60fa0  0xf6c7f9f8  Yes         /lib32/
0xf6c5c000  0xf6c5da98  Yes         /lib32/
0xf6c361a0  0xf6c4ed38  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6c30a50  0xf6c31778  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6c2ae50  0xf6c2caa8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf7f36420  0xf7f37d08  Yes         /usr/lib32/gconv/
0xf6a6f2f0  0xf6a73ec8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6a69e00  0xf6a6c134  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6a621a0  0xf6a673b4  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6a5d7b0  0xf6a5e298  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf6a54460  0xf6a5a5d8  Yes         /usr/lib32/
0xf683eb10  0xf68ac299  Yes         /usr/lib32/
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