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Default Re: Doom 4 30FPS cap (?)

Originally Posted by Protoplasym View Post
A. Quake MP is still one of the best MP FPSs of all time imo... so solid, and looks fine... Quake 2/3 are just as badass but look even better. I played assloads of Quake MP during High School back in the late '90s... so much fun.
I was pretty much the same, also remember having ax duels, plenty of fun

I'm still a huge CS fan... not so much of the Source version though... although I'm sure with enough playing I'd like it... I remember when the Source version came out, the guns didn't feel the same, and Valve had changed up the hit boxes quite a bit... maybe it's fixed now, dunno. I never did take off to TeamFortress, I liked the idea of multiple classes working together towards a common goal/yada, but just didn't get into it... the Source version is pretty badass though. Did you ever play Action for HL1? That was some of the best DM ever! Doing dives and breaking through windows and the weapons and the Akimbo pistols... man, that one was badass... I wonder if there's a Source version of that nowadays... surely there is, lol. Honestly, HL1 was my favorite DM ever... guts everywhere, mass insanity, completely unique and badass maps like Gasworks, and the one that had the Nuke that would go off every 10-15 mins... was so fun for about a year until the cheaters completely ruined it... same BS happened to CS.

Cheating from that point on is what's kept me from becoming interested in MP 'ever' again... EXCEPT for Warcraft 3, because I know I can count on Blizzard to constantly patch the game to fix exploits by the sh*theads at large. I'll never understand why people cheat at MP games.... useless MFers!
I actually played CS from the very first beta, and kind of lost interest at beta 6, mostly cause my computer was utter crap and beta 6 got really laggy, running on the lowest settings I could find, oddly though, I poaned back then, and suck now D:

I also prefered CS:S once it came out, I didnt get into it straight away(was too busy playing HL2), but I guess I just liked the handling better, also I remember that nuke map in HL1, played on it heaps, it would be a mad rush to get to the bunker before it all closed up, was madness.
The last DM centric game I liked alot though would have to be HL2M, but most likely its because of the gravity gun, so damn fun playing catch, trying to get someone offguard :P

And yeah I really dont get cheaters, cheats are fine, in a SP game, they can extend the life of any game, but in MP its just lame, its like they are either too lazy to play, or they suck so hard they even fail to kill you with cheats(which has happend), on that topic, PvP MMOs are a haven for the people who liked to cheat in other MP games, even if they arent cheating, all they need to do is go after people half their level and twink out their character and their opponent doesnt stand a chance.

B. Dunno... I'd love to have those ummm... Killzone games to name a couple (they look like solid Linear Railride shooters), that one that started with the word, 'time'... exclusive for PS3.. I guess that one'd fit in my collection as well, lol.. even though the reviews weren't that good. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to collecting games you see. Halo 2/3 for XP would be cool. Can't think of any others, ha.

'Deus Ex 2' - I've got both of them: I read that part 2 is a "dumbed down version" of the first one... "less RPG elements" er somethin... 1 looks like it's gonna be totally kickass (15 mins of testing, V-Sync+AA work), 2 has even better graphics and some physics to it so that looked promising as hell during my 15 mins of testing... as long as it's got 'some' RPG elements, I'll be satisfied.
Some, not all :P Killzone never really interested me because it was a console exclusive, if it came to PC I might try it, but generally if I hear a FPS on console my eyes glaze and roll back into their skull.
Deus Ex 2 is dumbed down, its basically had most of its features from Deus Ex 1 cut, its what I like to call consolization of an IP, I am sure itd be a fun game, but it loses the point that the original made.

I'm not sure what you don't like about Bioshock... it's one of my top 5 FPSs of all time... hands down 'the' best Plot Twist I've ever seen in a game imo, beyond immersive/scary atmosphere/feelings of being totally alone/etc, fantastic control (thanks to the quality U3 Engine), I'll be playing that one again and again for life... same will go for 2 and 3 I'm sure. 2 looks like it's going to be just as amazing if not even cooler.
The same thing as I said above goes for Bioshock, its a consolized "spiritual successor" to System Shock 2, I do like it, thats why I have it installed atm, but it definently doesnt have the same appeal to me as SS2 did, and I would rather a true non-consolized System Shock 3, instead of Bioshock 2, but EA seems content on sitting on the IP doing nothing with it, and if they did....consolization.

I've read sooo much about System Shock II (don't have it in my collection yet, but will as soon as I see a decent price for one sealed... not paying bloody $60-70 on Ebay for it) and how it's one of the best games of all time for story and atmosphere. Seen plenty of Youtube vids and it looks very spooky especially considering how freaky the 'oldschool lookin' models appear. Too bad it's got the same 'horrid' history as Thief 2 as far as 'QuadCore compatibility' goes.

I have Thief II and 'still' haven't been able to get it to run properly... I've got a mod/fix bookmarked that was toted to work specifically for the 169.21s I'm on... have yet to try it though... I spent the better part of Jan-Mar '08 trying to get that damn thing to work. The messed up thing is that the first time I loaded it up, it ran beautifully, V-sync/AA worked, shadows were correct, no weird sky textures (as I read so much about)... but since that first boot up, all kinds of sh*te... won't load up, or crashes as soon as I start the game...

Sucks because I expect System Shock II to be the same story. I've got another machine with a fast SingleCore and an old 68GT, and I'm sure they'd both work on there... but until I've given up completely: I won't go that route. I've still got that one fix (it's actually for both Thief 2 and SS II) bookmarked/waiting to be tried, so hopefully all is not lost, lol.

The easiest fix(though I think you have to do it every time you launch the game) is once you get to the menu, alt+tab out, open up task manager, find SS2 in the process list, right click on it and go to "Set Affinity", then uncheck all but 1 core, then go back into the game and load a game(new or otherwise), I would definently recommend aswell, you at least get the official patch, it fixes a few things but also adds coop, which was alot of fun, but isnt trouble free.
When we first started trying to play it we couldnt even get a game started, then were confused by where we were, because in the intro part of the game you cant see eachother, its not until you actually board the ship.
Other then that it worked mostly flawless, we even managed to beat the game, with lots of reloading near the end :P
However, on one session, a hybrids AI was bugged, it was just standing there, and its head would spin to look at us, even while behind it, we pretty much gave up on that session :P

Anyway, System Shock IP ftw, cmon EA, *cough*make some more money*cough*(pcexclusiveplz)
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