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Default Pirating games... (y/n)?

Okay, no bs, I've made the voting anonymous, do you pirate games and if so how much about...

I'd really like to get a sense of what's happening with the average user, although most here are probably more in tune then average... anyways vote away please...

oh, some quick defining up front...

I would define the following as pirating:
- downloading games via torrents or from p2p
- copying a friends game
- renting a game, installing on hd, getting a nocd and playing the game after its returned
- copy or download a game, play it, then for whatever reason don't buy it

What I would not consider pirating:
- borrowing a friends game, trying it out then returning it
- renting a game playing it returning it then erasing it
- making a backup of game, losing the original and playing the backup
- copy or download a game, play it, like it, then buy it

Did I leave out any grey areas?

Without delving into what you did 5 or 10 years ago, maybe just stick to what you do now or within the last couple years...
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