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Default Revenge of the PC!!

A really good read and it sounds pretty obvious that it will all go down this way.

Pc gaming along with services like Onlive (witch is Pc gaming streamed to your mon/tv) will pretty much be the last nail in the coffins for consoles as we knew them!

These consoles have had their time, okey they can put out beautifull titles but nothing like the Pc as we know and the onslaught of DX11 titels that will come will leave them in the dust totaly!

Windows Vista didn't have titles until months after it launched, kind of sucked initially, and even patch lagged Windows XP. This time around, I've been told by the graphics card companies there will be a number of hot titles available on top of the Windows 7 launch in October, taking us into the critical fourth quarter at a time when folks are likely really troubled about buying a game console that is getting really old
EA Phenomic, Emergent, Rebellion, and Codemasters have all committed to having product at, or soon after launch.
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