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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

Originally Posted by MaxFX View Post
These consoles have had their time, okey they can put out beautifull titles but nothing like the Pc as we know and the onslaught of DX11 titels that will come will leave them in the dust totaly!
Yes, as we know. (read MaxFX thinks)...

Just like DX10 did, DX11 will be even bettah!

And because OBVIOUSLY graphics matter the most to users, the PS2 still sells today... Hell, even the Wii sells like crazy and it has the ****tiest graphics of the 3 top consoles today...

OnLive sucks... Maybe in 10 years from now it will be doable... And the f*cking irony? You can play on it WITHOUT A PC...
Connect to OnLive with your TV

Can I please have one reality check for MaxFX? ASAP please...
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