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Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
There isnt an $800 difference between a decent gaming machine and a 360 and a ps3. You are saying you'd need to spend $1100+ (in fact a ps3 was like $600 @ launch) for a gaming machine? Far from it. I've built some recently for friends for around $700. Not much more than a 360 at launch when you buy a second controller, HD, cables, Live, etc all the other junk to make the damn thing more than a single green light paper weight. Even a $700 gaming machine makes the hardware in a 360 look like a Casio Calculator from the 80s. The price you pay for an outdated, obsolete PC... errr I mean a RRoD_box is ridiculous, its nothing more than a 3 year old PC.

My 360 is nothing more than the "PC" for my kids to use. The performance slowdowns on the 360 suck, the graphics are crap next to my PC, its noisy as hell, the controller sucks for anything other than sports and driving games, and I find most the console only games on the 360 to be boring and mindless.

Give me a PC anyday. The reason consoles exist is because console people are too lazy to use a PC for gaming. Upgrades, maintanence, installation, etc. Consoles thrive because people are just want to just be lazy and stupid.
Comparing the PC's most everyone has on these forums to consoles there is about an $800 difference in price. Look how outdated mine is and my CPU/Mobo/RAM add up to the price of a new 360. When these parts were new they added up to over that ($200 for Mobo, $200 for CPU, $80 for ram, that's a 160GB PS3).

Then there's the monitor, the case, KB&M, graphics card, power supply, etc.
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