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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

no its not moot, everyone that has a console, also buys PCs. difference is that PC they usually buy is from a store.

Comparing price between a complete PC and Console is also not accurate. Most people have PCs, some might be rather old. But price difference should be considered how much it cost to turn that PC that people own into a gaming PC, in most cases all you need is decent video card. That is about 100-160 for decent ATI or Nvidia card.

More house holds have PC then Console. If a house hold has a PC, and they want to play games, what is more reasonable investment, 100-160 for video card, or 250-400 for console? And then spend 3-4 times more per game (European game prices).

People in Europe understand that, that is why MS is using their "force 360 games down their throats strategy" and made official statements that they won't do simotenous PCs release because they want to force people to buy RROD_box.

Back to the one trick-pony statement. Recently I upgraded my Q6600 based system to i7. For price of that upgrade I could have bought a PS3, Wii and few games.
But in my book that would not be worth it
A) there are only maybe 3-5 games on those consoles that are exclusive and actually intrest me, 1 not being even released yet.
B) that is it, what else could I do with them? Blu-ray player? I have HTPC for that, running XBMC.
C) with PC upgrade not only will it play newer games, current games better, but also gained speed in all tasks, faster video encoding, and massive ammount of multi-tasking. Thanks to 8 threads I can run video encoding on 4, and a game on 4 threads with no slow downs.
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