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Originally Posted by Tuork View Post
I gather the following conclusions from this thread:

Ninjas are smart.

Mailmen... not so much.

Funniest thing I've seen in ages

I also have a top end P.C (see sig), 360, PS3 and wii. there is a place for all of them in my house. Current P.C. knocks the cr@p out of all my consoles, but then that is brand new and the 360 is 4 years old. Not sure what spec p.c. you would have got then? But I do know I would have already of had to upgrade it to play the latest games.
Plus no matter how much you knock the 360, LIVE is IMHO far better structured than anything on the P.C. the ease of use going from game to game, talking in game, tracking your friends ALL of which have the exact same set up. It's just so much better than anything I've experienced in P.C. gaming.
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