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Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post
Let's see, my PS3 can:
  1. Play PS3 games
  2. Play PS2 games (yes, new PS3s can't do this, but mine can)
  3. Play PS1 games
  4. Play Blu-ray movies
  5. Play movies I've copied to its hard drive
  6. Play music I've copied to its hard drive
  7. Play photo slide shows
  8. Stream music, movies, and TV shows from a PC elsewhere in my house
  9. Run Linux

Yep, real one-trick pony I've got here.

You have that backwards. PC gaming is the niche market, not consoles.
This is the exact reason PS3 > other consoles, but despite all that it can do, people hate the price, it makes sense, all they want a console for is games, the average joe dont care about bluray, dont care about running linux etc, only people like me care about that stuff.

Onlive though? its a piece of crap, its not going to help PC gaming in the slightest, and instead of needing a PC I own and can play anything on(the hardware is more then 2 years old, and it can still play anything better then consoles), I need an expensive internet connection, and pay a monthly subscription, for 1024x768, plus experience laggy response to input, YAY GO ONLIVE! *cough*diaf*cough*

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
8 million Halo 3's... 1 million Crysis

30 million xbox 360s... 100+ million pcs...

Console gaming attach rate > PC gaming attach rate

Shut up now...
Yes, because clearly Crysis, needing a supercomputer, was the best sold PC game of all time....
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