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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

Originally Posted by Atomizer View Post
This is the exact reason PS3 > other consoles, but despite all that it can do, people hate the price, it makes sense, all they want a console for is games, the average joe dont care about bluray, dont care about running linux etc, only people like me care about that stuff.
True enough, but you missed the point. A lot of people just want PCs for surfing the Internet and using MS Office. Most average Joes who own a PC don't care about that stuff either. If you're thinking about going Blu-ray, the PS3 makes a compelling case because it's a good Blu-ray player, a good standard DVD player, and it's capable of being a media hub. You might not use it, but it's nice to know that the funcationality is there should you desire it.

Yes, because clearly Crysis, needing a supercomputer, was the best sold PC game of all time....
Replace Crysis with Half-Life at 9 million sales, and the argument still stands.
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