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Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Yea I am. Because at the time they were top of the line. Take new parts that are top of the line. Not some middle of the road PC that you scrapped together to meet the pricing.

And yea, running your computer on a regular TV will really help show how the PC has better IQ.

Oh, and Xbox360 - $300

And look, $200

And it comes with a controller and SD cables, so if you want to make the "PC doesn't need a monitor" argument, then I can make the same for consoles and say you don't need all that extra **** and we already have an almost $500 price difference.

I really don't give a **** which is better. I own all consoles and a decent gaming PC, so whatever has better titles, I buy games for.

Let me summarize what I am trying to get your thick skull to understand.
2. Consoles aren't going anywhere. Ever.
3. Who gives a **** which is better?

I am done with this thread. All these idiotic console/pc threads turn into bull**** threads anyway.

You're comparing to prices of a 360 now, 3 years later?????????????? At launch they were more came with nothing. You had to buy extra controller, HD, cables, etc..

Point is I can build a gaming PC for not much more than a PS3 that can do much more than just play Sony exclusive games - oh yea that cost $10-20 more than a PC game...

If you already have a HD TV that you will be connecting your console to, instead you connect a PC via DVI or HDMI what quality are you gonna lose?? 1080P from a PC too. Sheesh. I think you are trying to comprehend too much at once and can't.
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