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Originally Posted by albokid2468 View Post
I don't understand why grown men like simulation racing games? Why not just hop in a car. better yet go to a go cart race.
Just my opinion
Simulation games can be fun if its done right (eg playing online with like minded people). You can have a drink and a good chat without fear of ploughing into a wall.

It costs FAR less. In real life you cant tear around the streets with mr plod charging your ass. So you have to go to a track. The track costs a fair bit, not to mention you have to have a car that can actually shove it. Then you are paying insurance, HUGE fuel bills and a set of tyres if you drive like you should.

Sure its dosent have the complete experience of real life, and a true simmer would never equate the two. Its merely another hobby that allows a sharing of common interests.
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