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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

Well, ot's like this:

My pc can play HL, SC2, Diablo3, Crysis, and all of those pc exclusives.
My PS3 can play KZ2, Tekken, GT, God of War, Riiiidge Racer, and all of those PS3 exclusives.

Now for conclusion number 1:
I love them both.


My pc can surf the net easily, play music and movies, type and print and buy stuff online.
My PS3 can surf the net (not so easily ), play music and movies, buy stuff online.

What my ps3 can't do: Edit stuff (files, programs, and what ever people who prefer not to play do).

Conclusion number 2:
I love them both!

Seriously now, there is no such thing as overall better - it's just what you prefer doing the most, and when it comes to gaming - there is no such thing as better. Opinions be opinions, and no one will ever come up with a logical and well thought after argument. You try to play down the ones you don't like - your a douchbag, and not a very inteligent human being.

And please, stop with these comparisons, they are silly and won't ever amount to a single conclusion.
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