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Default Re: A quick jump start on VB

Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
Lol, thank you!

Question is, how is that done via client-side JS? I dont think it can be.

I'm quite certain that there are front-page extensions that can do this though, and I know we use it on some pages. Haven't used FrontPage in a while, but I distinctly remember something about being able to write directly to a file. I think that would be the best route.
I am not that experienced in web development (you probably know more than me about Javascript), so I can't really comment on the feasibility via Javascript, but it would be rather trivial just using a GUI application for both the client and server. Really any reasonable language could do this. Some ones you might look into are Java, C#, C, C++, VB...

I mean, I may be missing something here but wasn't the whole point of this thread to give you advice on picking up VB for writing these programs?
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