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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

Originally Posted by Lfctony
The truth in your own mind maybe. Saying something stupid over many times doesn't make it true, it just makes you look like an idiot. Many in this forum have been telling you the same thing, yet nothing goes through that apparently very thick skull of yours...

So be it. I'll enjoy my PC exclusives, along with my PS3 and X360 exclusives.

DX11 will be as useless as DX10. Just a reason for your type of turds to splash out money for features that have no obvious benefit for the end user other than burning a massive hole in their wallet as they always rush to buy the latest hardware out...
Actually, DX11 will offer alot more then DX10 ever did, GPU Computer alone offers huge benefits not just to games but all PC software in general, sure there was CUDA and such, but thats vendor specific, DX Computer will work on all GPUs, and make a universal API, OpenCL is the same thing, except with crossplatform support.

Consoles are never going away. Deal with it. Don't cry in bed tonight.

Onlive doesn't need a PC. Only a TV or a monitor. Its essentially A CONSOLE!!!!

I'm off to play Infamous.
You're right, consoles arent going anywhere, I dont know why anyone would think otherwise, and yes Onlive is just another console, not sure if it supports any console games though, only PC games, regardless, its a piece of crap I find worse then any of the current consoles, maybe once we are all on fibre to the home connections and the whole of america is wired with fibre cabling, including the bridging cables across the ocean(not sure what the current state of the american network is like).
But I find it rather pointless needing a 5mbit connection to even support 720p, but also having to put up with input lag(it has to send all your input to its servers, then send the frames + sound back to your computer), with all that its not about data transfer, its about your ping times, reminds me of how the original Quake worked.
While on my 2+ year old hardware, I can play any game at 1920x1200 mostly maxed out, and no its not a X2 card or running Crossfire/SLI, its just a 8800GTX, with 2GB DDR2 and an older model Core 2 Duo(E6600).
Prototype for example, runs flawlessly at max settings at 1920x1200 and I can even turn on AA and AF and its still playable.

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I worry about this trend that more and more PC gamers need to reinforce that their platform is 'the best' and it's 'not going anywhere'. Yeah well I know that, but it seems like a lot are feeling intimidated by consoles. Relax guys, consoles boomed with the Mega Drive and the SNES and PC missed some really good games, but it stuck around and now look, unless you kept the console and carts, those games are only playable ON PC now.

It's great to support your platform, I'm still a PC gamer mostly, but I myself support the games themselves above all. The time and effort that goes into most these days, whenever people talk about books and movies and compare them to 'pong' I just laugh, and dare them to play something like The Witcher or Mass Effect.
Instead of angry forum posts and long articles, how about we BUY games and enjoy them, especially on PC. Right now as a dev, it's hard to develop for PC, setting piracy aside there is the community. As I mentioned before, I'd rather chat to a console gamer these days, they love their games, they are so excied about them, a PC gamer... Well that's just unpleasent more often than not. Well except you guys on here, the main reason I do not frequent any other gaming sites, you guys on here are usually pretty enthusicatic and any critism is constructive or done tongue in cheek. I know I'm guilty of **** stirring myself. ::

And with that. Walker said I have AIDS. Play me off.
Actually, Virtual Console and other solutions have alot of the old classics playable on consoles(granted, at like $5-$10 a pop).

As for us PC gamers constantly touting how superior PCs are, its not that we need to justify ourselves, we just do it to keep you console commies in your place!
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