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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

Originally Posted by crainger View Post
I worry about this trend that more and more PC gamers need to reinforce that their platform is 'the best' and it's 'not going anywhere'. Yeah well I know that, but it seems like a lot are feeling intimidated by consoles. Relax guys, consoles boomed with the Mega Drive and the SNES and PC missed some really good games, but it stuck around and now look, unless you kept the console and carts, those games are only playable ON PC now.

It's great to support your platform, I'm still a PC gamer mostly, but I myself support the games themselves above all. The time and effort that goes into most these days, whenever people talk about books and movies and compare them to 'pong' I just laugh, and dare them to play something like The Witcher or Mass Effect.
Instead of angry forum posts and long articles, how about we BUY games and enjoy them, especially on PC. Right now as a dev, it's hard to develop for PC, setting piracy aside there is the community. As I mentioned before, I'd rather chat to a console gamer these days, they love their games, they are so excied about them, a PC gamer... Well that's just unpleasent more often than not. Well except you guys on here, the main reason I do not frequent any other gaming sites, you guys on here are usually pretty enthusicatic and any critism is constructive or done tongue in cheek. I know I'm guilty of **** stirring myself. ::

And with that. Walker said I have AIDS. Play me off.
As you may know I have consoles myself but I often say, it would be just better with one plattform so you dont have to buy an expensive console to get the exlusive crap

I like gaming no matter on what plattform but of course like pc the most as you can get the best of world, input and graffics so why dont then have all games on it. okey that day will probably wont come this year but it would be damn nice to get all games on the Pc, so will it happen I dont know but I would prefere it!

You must agree with that, who in the world are stupid enough that wants a whole load of different plattforms.

Alright it is convinent to have a console I give you that, just pick up and play and the Pc aint that far behind this days, it will only getting easier and better I presume!
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