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Default Re: America's Army 3 Devs Canned

Yeah its pretty much unplayable, and their training is laughable, after being able to finally advance through it thanks to the recent patch, I got to the medical training section, and its very laughable, "hold space heals any wound!", but the thing is, they dont tell you any controls, like pressing space, I had to mess around with keys until I figured that out, then at one part, I hold shift like usual, it locks the viewpoint but nothing happens, so I go through all the keys, various radio commands like "Medic!"(the damn medic never came!), and eventually my doll flatlines, and I have to try again.
Also another annoying thing if I press ESC to go to the menu during training, since the last patch it now glitches and I end up with the menu there perminently until I reload the training or exit completely to the main menu, so I would exit to check the controls to try to find out wtf to do in the medical training, and then I have to reload and go through the whole video etc.
I know its free so I cant expect too much, so im gonna wait a few more patches and if I still cant even play whats there, gonna uninstall, besides, after watching the ArmA2 custom map with 1500 AI, id rather buy that and spend my time pissing myself
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