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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
COD, GTA, UT, etc are all where they are today because of the PC and PC gamers.
Funny thing is that other then UT most of the games took off thanks to consoles.

The original CoD was made by the team that developed the original MoH on PC which thanks to the Playstation versions became popular enough to release the 3rd game on the PC, if it never took off we probably wouldn't have seen the PC version of MoH nor would team gotten the backing to develop CoD.

As for GTA, it was pretty much a mediocer title untill GTA3 took off and blew everyones mind with what it accomplished. GTA1/2 were good games but thanks to GTA3 on the PS2 the series is where it is today.

So yeah... You should thank consoles for helping the game industry grow and expand to evolve the industry beyond what everyone thought was possible, thanks to its growth we have great games on all platforms.