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Default Re: Revenge of the PC!!

I hung up my video games shoes the other day, so my opinion is meaningless, but consider the following.

I own a Wii.

I used to own an XBOX 360, but I sold it because I found that I never played it.

I own a PC that I bought 1.5 years ago, but I put it together myself, and paid around $3000 for it.

I own a 1080p HDTV that I play all my games on.

I've been an avid PC and console gamer for the last 14 years.

Money is not really an issue for me when buying video game systems. I could go out today, and buy a new $3000 PC, a PS3, an XBOX 360 and several games without making a dent in my financial situation.

With that said I prefer consoles for the following reasons.

-The games are more fun. /thread
-I don't have to deal with the driver and installation crap like I do with PCs (though it's gotten a lot better in the last 10 years).
-I don't have to deal with upgrades. Not because I can't afford them, but because it's a total waste of my time to have to shop around for a new video card, then spend the time installing it, and then spend the time finding the right drivers for it ect. My time is more valuable than that.
-With the exception of Blizzard and iD software, I have yet to find a PC game that is not filled with bugs on the initial release. When you buy a new PC games it's like you are buying beta software. With console games, they pretty much work from the get go.

With that being said, neither platform is going anywhere. There will be a market for both, but it seems that console games are more profitable to develop right now.
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