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Default Re: PC vs console threads = two-week vacation?

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
I say we just ban MaxFX. In the two months I've seen him post he's already put himself on the nVNews list of top 10 dumbest mother****ers of all time.
Funny you mention that.

I just realized that MaxFX is SwedX\MrTexture and has been banned several times before. I think the "STFUK" gave it away...

As for the original post, Saturn, I'm having trouble understanding why you even keep coming back to this section of the forums. 90% of the time you post you're just complaining about PC gamers, PC games or PCs in general, so why bother?

Save yourself some stress and don't even click on the Gaming Central forum. You can click on the console forum directly from the main forum page.

Or if that's too extreme, put everyone on ignore who enjoys PC games, that way you never have to read their\our "elitist" posts again.

If people are going to post retarded threads, the threads will be closed. Regardless of what they're about. If you have a problem with a thread, report it and the mods will deal with it. We don't need to ban everyone.
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