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Originally Posted by FearMeAll View Post
I too thought Jericho was better than the reviews said. Mainly because of all the snarky comments your team in the game makes.
That's why I took Rex along with me most of the time in ME. It would always come down to some crazy situation and then he would make some helarious remark. I would be like "hahahha Dang it Rex, I would totally say that crap!! hahaihaiej" That type of stuff totally makes the game even more immersible to me. Especially non-MP games, even though Co-op makes this possible and more. I just wish we could do games like ME online and make it more friendly to casuals. So we all can have a great experience in a game.

Deus Ex 1, still the best over-all game to this day in my book. ME came pretty close though, but as far as being aeons ahead of it's time, DX1 has yet to be beat as a total package.
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