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Default Re: Star Wars: Republic Commando Crashes

Originally Posted by Altair13 View Post
Republic Commando was the best damn Star Wars game LucasArts ever decided to make but has many horrible bugs... I used to be one of the best at Republic Commando when I had my GeForce 5200(horrible) which used to be top of the line around 2003. I stopped playing for awhile and got interested in Crysis and I installed my new Visiontek(bad company) HD 3850. I was happy for a few months and decided to play RC again.

But when I started the game it kept on crashing. I clicked customize on the Multiplayer menu and it crashed. When I set bumpmapping to low, everything started working again but left a deep dent on my former RC glory. The graphics were so distracting that I got . The arms are in a very weird position and I was very used to maxing it out. Is there a solution to my crashes without changing any of the graphics??? Thanks for reading.
I've probably played through the campaign 3 times, on varying hardware. Doesn't help you, but I've never had it crash once.
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