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Default Re: Condemned: Criminal Origins

Well, I'm farther into the game now and it is a bit more interesting, though the gameplay is overall pretty mediocre.

It seems like it should have had a lot more to it, like the investigating and fighting were both stripped down a lot just to get the game done. Like, how there isn't any thought or user interaction involved in the investigating... you just hit the button, point the tool and then its done. And the combat is waaaay behind a lot of similar games (like Riddick, Zeno Clash or Dark Messiah). Even the guns seem like they're sorely lacking an iron-sights aiming feature, which most other first person action\horror games have (FEAR, Call of Cthulhu, Cryostasis).

Also, for how violent the game is, there is hardly any gore, which makes the combat seem even more disconnected. I bash some guy in the face with a paper cutter blade and there is a grey puff of dust? Come on...

The first few levels were terrible but it does improve a bit and the story actually gets interesting, so I'll definitely finish this. I'm just glad I got it cheap.
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